BIOMED 4 ultra - Natural product for weight loss

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Lose weight while you sleep! Order here

Biomed 4 Ultra is natural product for weight loss containing 80 % of natural honey and 20 % of herbs Betulae folium, Cynosbati fructus i Ribis nigri fructus.

Fibres contained in Biomed 4 Ultra are undigestable parts of herbal cells, carbohidrates, like celulose, hemicelulose. Honey provides minerals, proteins, vitamines, and other nessesery materials and makes you sated.

Recepies used in production of Biomed’s products are based on family tradition dated since 1833. Long before that, 2000 years ago, in ancient Greece and Egypt, similar recepies were used for loosing weight.


biomed4_djiliHoney and herbs speed up the metabolism when its slowest, that is why YOU LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING ! After 15 days, you will lose 4  to 6 kg. Also, Biomed 4 Ultra reduces level of holesterol and triglicerides in blood.
Medical researches found out that metabolism is slowest in the evening, that is why Biomed 4 Ultra is consumed instead of dinner. It works according to hybernation diet. Due to fructose naturally found in honey and herbs, metabolisam and dissoluton of fats are accelerating.

Herb extracts do not let water lost, instead they bind fats, carbohydrates, and accelarate their evacuation. Biomed 4 Ultra dissolutes fats, so loosing weight is equally. Metabolism is stable, lost weight do not come back!

Biomed 4 Ultra is searched out on Medical faculty in Belgrade, on the Institute for physiology. Based on resultes of the test, after 15 days of treatment, effects on body measures are : skin plait is reduced for 4 cm, waist 4.2 cm and hips

Level of triglycerides is reduced from 2.09 mmol/l to 1.27 mmol/l after treatment. Influence on reducing blood-fat and triglycerides is confirmed on Internacional syposium in Florence in 1994.

Usage :

Biomed 4 ultra has pleasent taste and flavour. It is  very simple to use.  Contain of the bag  dissolve into 300 ml of water and drink it instead of dinner. One box of Biomed 4 Ultra contains 15 bags enough for one treatment. The bag is suitable to be carried around.

Advise :
You shoud avoid sweets and fats. Drink a lot of water and herbal teas!

Positive  effects:

Besides perceptable weight lost, Biomed 4 Ultra improves activity of kidnies and liver, reduces levels og triglycerides and blood-fat, improves imunity and clears skin.

Negative effects
  • Negative effects have not  been noticed.

Everyone can take Biomed 4 Ultra, exept diabetitions, pregnent women and wet nurses. You can have two treatments in a row, or with a break. Metabolism is stable and lost weight do not come back.

All Biomed’s products are produced according to demands of HACCP and ISO 9001:2000. Quality and efficiency of Biomed’s products are  confirmed by rewards „Arch of Europe” and “ Clarenton Limited”, numerous satisfied customers and clinical researches.

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Company's history

Biomed founded in Belgrade, in 1985. Its speciality is production of honey and herbal products.

Original recepies of Biomed’s products date  from 1833. They are collected and confirmed

Company's profile

Biomed company produces and sells natural products based on honey and herbs. Also sells  highest quality honey.

Biomed´s products are:

Biomed 4 Ultra – for losing weight
Biomed 6 Gain – for gaining weight
Biomed 500 – reduce and quit smoking
Biomed against alcoholism